If your teen was in an accident and they have a permanent tooth that is missing, it's time to talk with a dental professional about getting a permanent implant. Not all teens will be able to get this tooth replacement option, but it's ideal if you can. Here are the most important questions you need to ask the oral surgeon, and yourself, to see if you should get your teen a permanent dental implant.

Is Your Teen Old Enough?

The bones are still growing and developing as your child goes through their teenage years, and there are restrictions on the age your teen must be before they can get permanent dental implants.  Girls may be ready to get implants around 14-15 years of age, but boys could have to wait until they are 17 years old. The dentist will have to do an x-ray to see how developed the teen's bones are.

Do You Want Them Dealing With Dental Woes in the Future?

If the teen doesn't get a permanent dental implant to replace the damaged tooth, they will have to worry about their temporary solution for the rest of their life. The temporary solution will need to be replaced over time, it won't be as durable or natural, and you don't want to send your teen into their adult life with a problem that constantly needs money and time. This is especially true since you don't know if their job will offer dental insurance, or if they'll have dental insurance in the future.

What is Healthiest for Your Teen?

Implants are the healthiest thing you can have put in your teen's mouth to replace their natural tooth that was damaged. They won't have to worry about getting cavities in the fake tooth, it will be easy to brush and floss around the tooth, sensitivity won't be a problem and the tooth will fit into the gum tissue perfectly. These teeth look healthy and allow your teen to continue eating and speaking like they did before the accident.

If the teen isn't able to get a permanent implant put in right away, you may want to consider a temporary option until they are the right age for the work to be completed. The oral surgeon will be able to give you all the information needed about the implant and the procedure. If you want your teen to have a confident and healthy smile, and implant is the way to go. Contact a business, such as Merrimack Valley Periodontics, for more information.