Did you know that you may have tooth issues that can be corrected by dental crowns?  A number of people have various tooth imperfections and mistakenly think that they will need drastic measures to correct them. Dental crowns can be used for aesthetics and tooth preservation. The following are a few ways that they could benefit you.

Oral Discomfort

Some people have oral discomfort as a result of tooth sensitivity. Enamel can become compromised as a result of eating or drinking acidic food and beverages. Some people may have tooth sensitivity due to poor oral hygiene. A dentist would need to determine what is causing the discomfort.

Perhaps you have peered into your mouth or had a friend to take a look. There may not be obvious signs of tooth damage, but it is possible that tiny fractures or cracks are present. A dental crown can be placed over the affected teeth to prevent further damage and stop the discomfort.


You may be embarrassed by your teeth due to their appearance. For example, you may have chipped teeth at the front of your mouth. A metal or Cerec crown could be placed around the chipped areas to improve their appearance. Even if you do not have an issue that you are not embarrassed of, it is important to consider your oral health. For example, broken teeth could result in additional oral issues. This could mean more expensive dental interventions in the future.

Decay and Discolorations

The first step that a dentist would likely want to take if you have discolorations is to determine whether the discolorations are caused by decay. If they are not, a tooth whitening service would likely be recommended.

Discolorations that are the result of tooth decay would need to be remedied with fillings or crowns. The chosen treatment will be determined by the location of the affected teeth and the degree of decay. For example, a molar that has sufficient decay may need to be salvaged with a crown. Whereas, a molar that has minor decay could be preserved using a filling. Keep in mind that decaying teeth that are not treated could cause serious issues such as tooth loss or gum disease.

A dentist like Picone Dental - Vincent J Picone DDS is a good resource to use to determine if you have existing dental issues that could be corrected by dental crowns. Ignoring potential tooth problems such as tooth decay could result in you not being a good candidate for a dental crowns procedure in the future.