Dental implants are a fantastic way to both improve and preserve your oral health, mostly because of the many dental health issues that they can be used to treat. Listed below are two ways that dental implants can help improve your oral health.

Keep Dentures From Scratching Your Gums

One of the biggest issues that dental implants can assist with is keeping your dentures from scratching your gums. The reason that your dentures can potentially scratch your gums and cause infections and discomfort to settle in is because the dentures are prone to moving around quite a bit in your mouth whenever you are trying to eat or speak. However, dental implants are a great way to prevent your dentures from moving around because they can be used as a solid point to anchor your dentures to.

Dental implants can help you accomplish this because the implants can be installed with a hook or ball on the tip of the implant that is designed to attach to the underside of your dentures. Once the dentures are attached to the implants, they are unable to be moved around easily, which means that it will no longer be scratching your gums or falling off.

Keep Your Teeth In Place

Another big issue that dental implants can assist with is keeping your teeth in their proper place once you have lost a tooth. Whenever you lose a tooth, the neighboring teeth are going to shift a bit over time into that open space. This can lead to your teeth being loose or become quite crooked over time, which can require extensive dental work in order to straighten.

However, a dental implant that is placed in the open space where your natural tooth used to be will not only be able to function in the same way as your normal teeth but also be able to provide a physical obstacle that will prevent your neighboring teeth from shifting out of their natural spots. This will also result in stronger teeth over time as the dental implant will take over the work of the missing tooth, which means that the neighboring teeth will not have to work as hard and experience as much wear as they would when compensating for a missing tooth.

Make an appointment with your dentist today to discuss if dental implants are a good and appropriate option for your particular dental health needs. Dental implants can help improve your oral health by preventing your dentures for scratching your gums and by keeping the rest of your teeth in their proper place when you lose a tooth. Contact a company like Renovo Endodontic Studio to learn more.