Damaging a tooth can be a very painful experience, so it is important that you schedule a dental appointment right away. Your tooth will need to be evaluated and treated so that the proper care decisions can be made. If you want to save the tooth, there are several different methods you and your dentist can choose from. Crowns and bridges are two options that are most often utilized. The following are some things you should know about both options before making a final decision:

One Is Not Optimal Over The Other

Both crowns and bridges are great restoration options for damaged teeth. Neither is better than the other, but each have their own benefits depending on the nature of the tooth that is to be repaired. A crown is used to repair one single tooth while a bridge restores multiple teeth. A crown is placed on the top of the tooth after the interior has been cleaned out, typically through the use of a root canal. A bridge is placed onto two teeth that are on either side of the damaged tooth with a false tooth in place of the damaged tooth, which will likely need to be pulled. Your dentist will recommend which option is best for you based on the nature of the damaged teeth.

Best Uses For Crowns

Crowns are not only used to replace missing teeth, but they can also help repair teeth that have been damaged. They are best used to restore broken teeth, as a cover to an implant screw, or as a replacement for a filling.

Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are very beneficial because of their versatility. A crown is meant to improve the overall health of the tooth, while a bridge is more cosmetic in nature. If a tooth remains broken, it can continue to break down and need to be removed. A crown can help save your tooth and avoid a lot of pain.

The Life Of A Dental Crown

Dental crown life is dependent on how well you care for it over its lifetime. You will need to brush and floss around the crown like you would with normal teeth. Also, continue to go to your regular cleanings as you typically do. It is also important to avoid certain foods, such as really hard or sticky items. They can not only cause damage to your crown, but also cause them to fall out. However, if you properly care for the tooth, it can last for decades.

If you have a dental care problem, visit your local dentist office right away.