While brushing your teeth with a manual tooth brush is fine and will help you to keep your teeth healthy and looking better, there are still some benefits to switching to an electric toothbrush. You can learn about some of the different things they have to offer by reviewing the information here.

Automatic motion

When you use an electric toothbrush, it will move all on its own. All you have to do is to guide it in the right direction and it will vibrate in a way that allows your teeth to get thoroughly scrubbed for more removal of plaque and bacteria than one would generally get with a manual toothbrush.

Different sizes and shapes of the heads

When you go with an electric toothbrush you can change the heads to ones of different sizes and shapes. This allows you to go with the right size that fits your mouth on a regular basis, and it also allows you to change them when needed if you need to focus on certain teeth closely by using a smaller head in order to do so. Your electric toothbrush may also come with an attachment that works as a buffer so you can shine up your teeth really well after you are through brushing them. This can give them a nice and shiny appearance.

Different speeds

When using an electric toothbrush, you may also be able to put it on different settings. You can decide if you would like it to go faster. This allows you to rush through your tooth brushing session if you are in a hurry. You can also choose to put it on a slower speed if you want to really focus on getting a good brushing job in.

Optional water flosser attachment

You can get an electric toothbrush that also has a water flosser attachment on it. The water flosser works a lot better than regular floss. When you use regular floss you may not be able to get it in all of the areas of your teeth, especially the spaces between your molars where it is hard to get your fingers all the way in the back of your mouth to navigate the floss. When you use the water flosser you will point the tip of it were you want the water to shoot and a strong stream of water will blast food and other particles right out of your teeth. Contact a dentist, like Elizabeth Loseke DDS, for more information.