There are a lot of things that you should learn about dental care if you are going to do your best to prevent dental issues from arising. Along with having a clear understanding of what proper dental care consists of, what foods you should be consuming, what foods you should be staying away from and other things you should do, you also want to know how alcohol affects your dental health. Here is some information on alcohol and your dental health that you should be aware of:

Alcohol can give you a dry mouth and bad breath – Alcohol can dehydrate you which will lead to you developing a dry mouth. A dry mouth is uncomfortable, leaves you more susceptible to staining and will give you bad breath. Most of the repercussions with this part may be temporary, except for the fact that you may end up with darker looking teeth if you consume alcohol on a regular basis. Also, regular drinking to the point where you commonly have a dry mouth also leaves you more prone to cavities.

Some alcohol can directly stain your teeth – While all types of alcohol can leave you more at risk of staining, as you just learned above, there are certain types of alcohol that can directly contribute to that staining. For example, drinking red wine can stain your teeth due to the color of the wine itself. If you are someone who likes to drink a glass of red wine regularly, then you should really do your best to combat the affects of doing so by brushing after, rinsing your mouth with water or chewing sugarless gum after you drink.

Drinking alcohol can lead to bad eating decisions – Another thing that can happen when you drink alcohol on a regular basis is you can end up craving foods that are known to cause dental issues like staining and the development of cavities. For example, drinking alcohol can cause many people to crave sweets. Sweet snacks tend to be loaded with sugar and artificial colors. Both of these things are bad for your teeth. While the occasional drink and candy bar won't take their toll on your teeth, doing so often can.

Alcohol has a lot of sugar in it – Most types of alcohol contain a good amount of sugar in the actual drinks. Also, most people don't think to brush right after drinking and this leaves those sugars on the surfaces of your teeth where they put you at a greater risk of cavities and allow foods you eat to stick to them which also leads to cavities and staining. 

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