Do you feel embarrassed about the appearances of your teeth? If so, getting dental veneers will help give you a smile they you have been wanting for a long time. However, be aware that dental veneers are not something that you have placed on your teeth and don't need to think about. Veneers actually require maintenance that will prevent the color from fading. Here are some maintenance tips that will help keep those dental veneers bright over the years so you get the most from your cosmetic dentistry services.

Use Non-Abrasive Toothpaste

You should take a look at what kind of toothpaste you use when you decide to get dental veneers. There are some toothpastes that have abrasive cleaners in them, which will help remove those stains that are stubborn and won't go away. By using these toothpastes, it can actually scratch the surface of the veneers and cause them to become dull.

You'll want to switch to a toothpaste that is non-abrasive, which means it doesn't have baking soda in it and will be gentle when used on veneers. This will help the veneers last a long time with keeping the surface shiny.

Use Straws

Your teeth may have become discolored due to dark beverages washing over the surface. This includes coffee, sodas, dark fruit juices, and red wine. If these beverages are a part of your daily routine, you'll want to switch up how you drink them. Try drinking dark beverages with a straw so that they do not wash over the surface of your dental veneers. It will also help prevent the beverages from washing over the rear side of your teeth, which will help them stay clean during the day.

Quit Smoking

One habit that is sure to cause discoloration is smoking. If you are making the investment in your teeth, it's time to start making an investment in your health as well. You do not want your smoking habit to cause your new dental veneers to be turned an unattractive yellow color.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

Having dental veneers doesn't mean that you can skip your regular dental cleanings. In fact, you need to continue making these semi-annual appointments. Not only will the veneer surface be cleaned and polished, but you'll have your teeth inspected for decay and other oral health problems. Veneers cover the front surface, but there are many surfaces that can still become damaged.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist for more info about dental veneers.