While you can't actually make your teeth younger, you can make them more vibrant and you can make them seem to be brighter and whiter. Your dentist can help you achieve this goal by showing you different dental services that can work well for you, some of which are detailed here. 

Teeth whitening

Perhaps one of the fastest ways to give your teeth a healthier appearance is to have them whitened. Using a special light and whitening supplies, your dentist can give your teeth a treatment that will make your tooth enamel several shades lighter. For the most natural results, you want to listen to your dentist's advice for shade whitening. After all, if your teeth appear to be too white and somewhat unnatural, you may defeat the purpose of having this work done. Your dentist will show you various teeth shades and how they will look compared to your current tooth color to help you decide what will work best.

Detailed cleaning and scaling

Do you want to get great results from your dental cleaning that can also make your teeth look brighter and whiter? Consider getting a detailed periodontal cleaning and scaling, which will allow your dental hygienist to manually scrape away the stains and plaque that are causing your teeth to yellow and appear to be dingy and lackluster.

You can get this cleaning not just to make your teeth whiter, but to improve your breath and make your gums look and feel better as well. The best way to keep your teeth white and looking youthful is to always continue with your regular dental treatments, no matter how healthy you feel your smile is.

Dental veneers or tooth implants

Are your teeth jagged and uneven or are you missing teeth? Dental implants, veneers, and other dental additions to your mouth can help even out your smile and give it a more youthful allure. You can have your teeth whitened or you can get an abrasive cleaning to remove plaque and tartar prior to having the dental work done to give you the best results for your treatment.

If you care for your teeth with the right fluoride treatments, you can also help restore tooth enamel that is starting to fade — you cannot completely bring tooth enamel back — to help reverse dental aging as well. Your dentist can discuss your oral health and potential dental services with you.