The dentist is your oral health's biggest advocate, and they can help prevent and treat many oral problems. They can also refer you to specialists as needed. If you would like to know more about family dentists, keep reading. 

Treat Everyone at Any Age

The major concerns of oral health often change as you age, which is why some dentists specialize in different ages, but a family dentist treats kids, teens, adults, and seniors, so you can have one dentist for your whole family. In turn, your dentist gets a better understanding of everyone's overall oral health, especially if genetics are involved, such as misaligned teeth. Plus, the dentist can easily spot shared bad habits, such as poor oral hygiene.

Having a family dentist also removes the stress of needing to find a new dentist as you and your kids age. Not only do you have to find a dentist you like, but you must also ensure the old dentist transfers the full dental record. On top of that, you must get familiar with a new dentist. Many people suffer from dental anxiety, and suddenly having a new dentist at a new office could worsen the anxiety.

Prevent Cavities and Infections

One of the best reasons to visit the dentist is for preventative care: especially to prevent cavities and infections. Young kids' teeth are still forming the enamel, so the dentist may use fluoride treatments to strengthen the enamel and sealants to protect the teeth from decay. If the enamel starts to weaken, a dentist can spot it and suggest actions needed to prevent a cavity.

Besides cavities, teeth can become infected if bacteria reach the pulp. By treating cavities and keeping teeth strong, the dentist reduces the risk of infections. Similarly, regular dental visits with a family dentist help reduce the risk of a gum infection or gum disease. Advanced gum disease can increase the risk of tooth loss. Plus, the regular cleanings remove tartar, which can irritate gums and trigger an infection.

Spot Early Signs of Future Oral Concerns

Besides infection and decay, there are other concerns with which your family dentist can help. For starters, they can help predict the need for orthodontics. They do this by looking at the primary teeth, which serve as guideposts for the permanent teeth, but X-rays give them a view of permanent teeth under the gumline.

They can also spot the signs of more severe oral concerns like oral cancer. Oral cancer may often look like an oral wound, making it easy to ignore, but your dentist can spot the difference. The earlier you catch oral cancer, the better the prognosis.

A family dentist treats your entire family, which makes it easy to lump visits together. They boost your oral health with regular cleanings and exams. If you would like to know more, contact a family dental care clinic in your area today.