Going to the dentist is not something most people enjoy, in fact, many people avoid going due to the pain of having cavities filled, teeth pulled, or even the discomfort of x-rays. The fact is, you need to visit the dentist to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong, and to fix anything that goes wrong as soon as possible.

There are times when you might need to see an emergency dentist. This could be due to inflammation of your gums or pain due to an infection or gum disease. Problems with the teeth and gums can be caused by improper dental care or even your diet. There are other reasons why you should head to an emergency dentist though and here are just a few.

Lost Or Broken Teeth

If you have experienced a broken tooth then you know it can be painful and uncomfortable to eat, drink or even talk depending on where the break occurred and which tooth it was. Broken teeth can be caused by many different things from weak enamel, biting down on hard candy, or a trip-and-fall accident. Broken teeth need to be tended to as soon as possible to prevent any infections from setting in which could lead to possible health issues.

An emergency dentist might be able to repair the broken area of the tooth using a crown or they may need to pull the tooth. If you have a broken tooth, you should see the dentist right away.

A lost tooth is another reason why you should see an emergency dentist immediately. There could be a problem with your gums causing your teeth to be loose. A dentist can evaluate your gum health and treat the problem so no other tooth loss occurs. they can also clean the wound area so no infection can set in.

Lost Fillings Or Food Stuck In Your Teeth

It happens more often than you might think, but fillings can be lost more quite often. This means you may have lost one or two fillings over the years and not realized it. If you do discover a filling missing, then you should go to an emergency dentist to have the filling replaced. An open tooth cavity can breed bacteria and cause an infection.

Another reason for an emergency dentist visit is, you might have food stuck in between your teeth. This can happen if you have wider spaces between teeth or a hole within a tooth you might not have known was there previously.

If you get food stuck in your teeth it can be uncomfortable and lead to bacteria growth and infection. Your emergency dentist can clear the stuck food and clean the teeth. They can also repair what caused the food to stick so it won't happen again.